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About CBD-555

CBD-555 is an exclusive range of high-quality medicinal cannabis, hemp and CBD extracts that are 100% organic. Each of these resources is naturally grown in pollution-free environs of Colorado’s mountains and are Non-GMO, Vegan and completely free of Herbicides and Pesticides.

Our vision is to ensure that CBD-555 is dedicated to delivering a wide range of nourishing hemp-derived products that conform to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Derived from sustainable hemp that is legally accepted medication in the United States, our CBD infused products, and cannabinoids supplements, can be used as therapeutic solutions for many conditions.

Our approach to wellness is customized to suit the dietary, lifestyle, and medicinal needs of our customers. To ensure the ideal results, we strictly follow the best practices during every stage of cultivation, production, and packaging. It means, our fully-organic ingredients are entirely free from harmful synthetic stimulants, which makes our products one of the safest and most effective, for both humans and pets.