Why CBD555


Ingredients in CBD-555 are 100% vegan as they do not contain animal products or by-products, and are not tested on animals. Our CBD oil preserves the natural terpenes without any chemically extracted elements.


CBD-555 does not contain processed fillers or preservatives to increase their shelf-life. Moreover, we grow our plants in certified organic soil and feed them only with organic nutrients. As no pesticides or herbicides are used to improve the harvest artificially, it makes all our products 100% organic with absolutely no heavy metals or toxins.


Every product comprises of ‘full spectrum’ CBD extracts that give you the advantage of the “Entourage Effect”, which is a state of equilibrium where all the cannabinoids and terpenes work together in synergy, something that lacks in ‘Isolate’ products.


Gluten is a protein complex that can cause celiac disease, inflammation, etc. and avoiding it has many health benefits that include improved digestive health and better cholesterol levels, which enable you to maintain maximum energy level throughout the day.


High consumption of fructose (simple sugar) can cause resistance to ‘leptin’, a vital hormone that regulates hunger. As a result, you keep consuming food with high calories, which can lead to unwanted weight gain and obesity. Our Sugar-free CBD extracts keep you away from health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, Digestive problems, autoimmune conditions, etc.


CBD-555 constituents are 100% Non-GMO, which means they do not contain GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Research studies have found many health and environmental risks with foods containing GMOs that are artificially engineered in a laboratory

Additionally, our Full Spectrum CBD is 80%-85% CBD (90% of the cannabinoids) with ZERO THC (Non- detectable). The quality of our CBD Oil is easily the best in the industry as we are Organic Certified, Industrial Hemp Certified along with Farm Bill 2014 Compliant and GMP Compliant.