Can CBD help fight Cancer?

Can CBD help fight Cancer?

CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is one of the major compounds found in the cannabis plant, of which Hemp is a major variety. Marijuana is another major variety of Cannabis, and CBD can be extracted be from either of them. CBD is one of the 113 “cannabinoids” in the cannabis plant but is highly regarded for its potential health benefits.

The Cannabidiol extracted from hemp can stimulate the Endocannabinoid system in the body. This is a system of receptors that are present in our central nervous system and almost every organ of our bodies. CBD helps in unlocking these receptors and enable them to improve our overall health. When these receptors get unlocked, they can perform many critical tasks such as nourishing the brain, strengthening the immune systems, etc.


Studies conducted by some of the leading research centers across the globe have scrutinized CBD’s role to help patients suffering from cancer. They also examined its effectiveness in preventing cell growth. While the research is still an ongoing process, the studies have indicated that CBD may be able to help minimize the symptoms leading to cancer.

It has also been found that the cannabis component can even be useful when it comes to minimizing the side effects of cancer treatment among the patients. Even though the health authorities do not fully endorse cannabis to be part of formal cancer treatment, some of the promising action of CBD have shown its influence to moderate inflammation and change how tumor cells reproduce, which can be useful in the treatment.

Even THC, which is another popular cannabis component, has also been found to have similar cancer-fighting effects. However, when used in high doses it could lead to a high among patients due to its psychoactive properties, which could also cause many side effects. On the other hand, CBD is considered safer and can be more useful for its cancer-fighting properties.

Some of the facts that have been obtained from the ongoing experiments include:

  • CBD has been found to be helpful in reducing nausea, pain, and improve appetite in cancer patients.
  • While synthetic cannabinoids have been used, the recent researches have revealed the importance of natural cannabinoids like CBD in combating various types of cancers.
  • Being non-psychoactive, CBD is much safer than other cannabinoids and has stronger anti-tumor effects.
  • Cannabidiol could essentially be used to improve the effectiveness of standard treatments apart from being used as a potential anti-cancer substance on its own.
  • Consistent use of CBD-infused medicine can prevent cancer cell growth and destroy cervical cancer, lung, colon, leukemia, thyroid, and other cancer-causing cells.
  • It has also shown encouraging signs to in decreasing brain cancer (glioma) cell growth and invasion.
  • As it can directly reduce tumors, lessens pain, and improves the efficacy of conventional drugs, CBD can also be used to fight breast and prostate cancer.

CBD has also been found to reduce energy production in cancers and tumors, which can accelerate their demise. It also ensures the cancer cells are more sensitive to tumor-killing white blood cells such as lymphokine-activated killer cells. Apart from this, CBD also forces the affected cells to kill themselves, which can stop both growths and spread of these cancer cells. Moreover, recent studies have indicated that it also blocks a newly discovered cannabinoid cancer pathway.

While the existing studies are looking encouraging, we also need to consider the fact that most of them have been limited to experiments on cells only. It’s still a long way to find out if CBD will be able to combat cancer in humans the way medical specialists expect.