Is CBD from Hemp better than CBD from Marijuana?

Is CBD from Hemp better than CBD from Marijuana

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most fascinating and significant compounds of the cannabis plants, which is believed to have many medicinal and therapeutic properties. Moreover, it is not psychoactive, which means, it does not cause a high. It can be derived both from hemp and marijuana as both basically originate from the Cannabis Sativa family of plants. However, hemp and marijuana have significant differences such as differences in appearance, cultivation practices, and the internal chemical makeup. 

Primary differences between Hemp & Marijuana

  • Cultivation: Based on the requirement, the cultivators can concentrate either on the development of the flowers, or focus on the stalks, leaves, and seeds of the plant. The crop cultivated for flowers is known as marijuana and will have high levels THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) - the compound responsible for a euphoric high among the users. On the other hand, hemp is the crop that is commercially grown for its stalks and has a very little amount of THC present in it.
  • Chemical composition: On an average, a batch of marijuana contains around 5-20% THC content. A stack of premium marijuana can even have 25-30% THC. Contrastingly, hemp has a maximum THC level of 0.3%. Moreover, the threshold is heavily regulated as hemp is legal in many states, which makes it impossible to get a psychoactive effect. Also, hemp has high Cannabidiol content that acts as THC’s deterrent, which makes the minimal amount of THC of no use.
  • Appearance: Hemp looks quite different from Marijuana. Hemp has skinnier leaves that concentrate at the top. The below portion of the plant has very few branches and leaves. Marijuana plants are broad-leafed and look like a nugget within a tight bud. When you look from a distance, marijuana looks like a short fat bush, while hemp appears skinnier and taller growing up to twenty feet at times.

So, the question is, which of them produce a better CBD extract, and why? If the end product has to be CBD, irrespective of the way it’s created, then why the quality of the non-psychoactive component has to be the point of debate. The answer to this intriguing question is not direct, as the state of CBD is now brought into the focus.

We must understand that when the component is extracted, be it from Hemp or Marijuana, we are aiming to derive it in the isolated form. And when this happens, we must also know that this state of CBD is not powerful by itself. It’s because highly concentrated cannabinoid molecule in its isolate form is neither potent nor useful when it enters the body on a solo mission. It’s due to the interesting process known as the entourage effect.

This phenomenon within the body was discovered by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, a leading expert on Cannabis, who successfully isolated the cannabinoids CBD and THC from the cannabis plant. As per the discovery, it was found that to perform their designated tasks when they are consumed as medicine, all cannabinoid molecules duly require the support of each other similar to the way they evolved in nature, and this is attributed as the entourage effect.

The evidence clearly shows that there are special requirements for CBD to succeed in its mission of delivering the effects that have the desired consequences for the users. Apparently, the therapeutic synergy from CBD needs other active components in the appropriate amounts as present in the natural form, and therefore, full-spectrum CBD is much better and also recommended compared to the CBD molecules in isolate form.

So, as we now know the reason why ingesting a single cannabinoid is of no use, it makes sense to accept that the CBD extracted from the whole plant is better. As a result, the most efficient form of Cannabidiol is the one which has a blend of many other Cannabinoids. So, when you’re looking for a whole plant extract, naturally it’s the CBD from hemp that we have to focus on. It’s because, the CBD from marijuana would also mean high levels of THC, which can throw the therapeutic efforts of the CBD into disarray and cause the unwanted euphoric high among the users. Thus, a product with more cannabinoid diversity will bring a more holistic effect for the results you seek and using hemp CBD is an ideal way to achieve it.