CBD for Epilepsy & Seizures

Research studies have shown that regular use of Cannabidiol found in cannabis can prospectively curb the frequency of epileptic seizures. However, the evidence to date indicates that the effect of this naturally occurring compound is confined to the treatment of younger patients whose epilepsy that is difficult to treat using conventional drugs, especially if it is a rare and serious form of the condition.

Patients freshly diagnosed with epilepsy may be able to manage to control their seizures using conventional drugs, but a substantial part of the affected population may have a condition that is unresponsive to such treatments, and this is where CBD can come into the picture. Preliminary research suggests that using CBD as adjuvant treatment in pediatric-onset drug-resistant epilepsy may be helpful in reducing the frequency of seizures.

Moreover, CBD has been found to have a defined anticonvulsant profile in both human and animal models and is mostly devoid of adverse psychoactive effects. It is one of the reasons why the acceptance of CBD to treat seizure disorders, particularly in children, has been growing over the years.