CBD for Osteoporosis

It is a condition that makes the bones more fragile and leaves them susceptible to fractures and cracks. While decreasing bone-mass is a normal aspect of aging, a sudden reduction in the bone mass can place the patients at the risk of osteoporosis. It can be a serious issue for the elderly as most of them may not know about it until after they experience unexpected fractures. Typically, our body constantly absorbs bone tissues and eventually replaces them with new ones. However, the bodies of patients suffering from osteoporosis cannot replace these tissues in time, which leads to brittle bones and subsequent fractures.

Currently, there is no outright cure for osteoporosis, though it can be managed with some treatments that help reduce the risk for breakdown in bones. However, CBD, which is known to be effective for numerous conditions found most commonly in elders, may work also for osteoporosis. As CBD has shown to have a positive impact on the endocannabinoid system, it is also expected to play a positive role in the development and improvements of bone health among the patients.

Moreover, the system has been implicated to be an important factor in the regulation of bone metabolism. The cannabinoids produced naturally by the body bind to receptors on cells and regulate their function. As Osteoporosis is one of the ailments that can be attributed to the insufficient production of endocannabinoids, researchers have started to believe that CBD may be effective when it comes to keeping our bones healthy and strong.